Fox Troilo

Special guest

Fox’s core geek competencies are film, film, film, film, and film, with the occasional video game or comic book thrown in for variety. Fox is the Producer of GeekScholars Movie News, and truly the driving force of the podcast. In a more unofficial capacity, he’s the voice of eternal optimism on the show, whether he’s rallying his fellow geeks behind the scenes, or championing an underdog movie on-air. Fox also has the most history in the biz, having worked as a film critic and entertainment columnist for various media outlets based in the Washington, D.C. area for over ten years. From his experience, he’s gained an uncanny ability to guess which movies will do well, and with what kind of audience. His favorite part of doing the show is the conversational aspect—there’s little he enjoys more than a good debate on a worthwhile topic.

Fox Troilo has been a guest on 12 episodes.