Michael Daniels

Co-Host of The Front Porch

Life long geek and proud of it. Proud father of two girls. Michael has come from his roots in video games all the way back as a kid with the Colleco and Intellivision, playing AD&D with friends at Wet and Wild, and picking up his first comic book of Silver Surfer #50 in 1991. His favorite movies include Excalibur, Dragon Slayer, and Last Man Standing. He can't get enough of everything Marvel Comics and the fantasy genre as well as wearing out his copies of Firefly. He has two tattos on both arms. One of the Decpitcon/Cobra logos and the other is the Arashikage Clan from GI Joe. He works professionally as the Web Designer and Manager for one of the nations top technology schools and has a degree in Informatics (Design) from Indiana University and a minor in Computer Science.


Video Games
I go nuts here. I still have my NES, SNES, Genesis, Turbo Graphics 16, PS2, and PS3 hooked up to my game room tv. All powered on with a flick of the switch. I really enjoy Fighting games (Mortal Kombat), RPG's (Elder Scrolls), and the occasional FPS (Overwatch).

Board Games
I play weekly with a group of friends and we enjoy everything from legacy games (Pandemic Legacy), Campaign games (Imperial Assault), Strategic (Kemet), to miniatures (Mechs Vs Minions) and RPG's (D&D). I love to play TCG's but have almost exclusively gotten out of that field and dove into living card games instead.

OK, I watch too many of these hands down. Something about sitting for hours in a movie theater with popcorn that I'll never give up. I'm pretty easy and can watch almost everything. I do love the super hero craze going on these days but any heroic journey story will sucker me in.

I used to watch too much TV as a kid and it's stuck with me. While I didn't watch a ton of Star Trek: TNG when it aired I am a huge fan these days. Firefly is my all time favorite but I still enjoy candy shows like The Flash, Supergirl, and Agents of Shield. I eat up everything Marvel on Netflix but about lost my mind watching Iron Fist. Oh, and I love me some old school cartoons like Transformers, Mask, Voltron, and GI Joe.

I am a slow reader. I won't try and deny it. But I do try to keep my nose in a book when I can. My favorites are anything by Brent Weeks (Night Angel Trilogy) and Robin Hobb. I have a soft spot for all the old TSR paperbacks and especially the Drizzt ones.

At 15 I worked with some people who read comics so I stopped at the local drug store and bought one with one of my first paychecks. IT was Silver Surfer #50 and it sucked me into the precursor to The Infinity Gauntlet. I've been bonkers for comics ever since. I'm currently pulling all the X books, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and Champions.

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